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Are Ukip racist? You decide!

Does saying and doing racist things make you a racist or are you simply offering a “hard-hitting reflection of reality”? Have your say!

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UPIK provide news, help and advice to the increasing number of people in the UK who feel angry about a wide range of issues, such as the EU, immigration, the EU, immigration, same-sex marriage, immigration, the EU and the EU. UPIK News is not affiliated to any ‘non-racist libertarian’ organisations with a similar name. Much like a Nigel Farage speech, the content on this site is entirely fictitious. Any resemblance to persons living, dead or Godfrey Bloom is purely coincidental.

How to be a non-racist on the internet

Follow our simple guide to help you avoid stepping over that fine line between being a non-racist and the organiser of a hate-fuelled lynch mob.

Billboard 9

Ukip Billboards. Part 2

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The Upik News European election poster

Let everyone know who you’re not voting for by displaying this poster in your window