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Ukip isn’t just full of racists, insist homophobes and misogynists

Homophobes and misogynists have moved quickly to dispel claims that Ukip is a racist party by insisting that some of its members’ attitudes to women and homosexuals are being criminally overlooked.

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Xenophobia craze sweeps UK

With an irrational fear of people from other countries sweeping the nation, xenophobia has become the must-have mindset for trend-conscious Brits.


Are Ukip racist? You decide!

Does saying and doing racist things make you a racist or are you simply offering a “hard-hitting reflection of reality”? Have your say!


How to be a non-racist on the internet

Follow our simple guide to help you avoid stepping over that fine line between being a non-racist and the organiser of a hate-fuelled lynch mob.